Hidden Signs That You Are On Track

Weight loss is a journey where every new day is the chance to change your life. And, once people step into the weight loss journey, it is quite common to feel impatient. People can get so impatient that they want to witness instant results. But they forget that weight loss takes time as it is no layman’s work! 

The signs of losing weight are important to keep one motivated. Even the smallest of difference means a ton. Isn’t it? And, when you weigh yourself on a weighing machine, and you notice you have not even lost a pound, it may seem disappointing. But, you need not lose heart! Even if you think that you have not made a slightest of difference, you need to know that you have. You just need to look a bit deeper. 

There are signs that indicate you are on track and accomplishing your weight loss goals. You need not rely on the scale on the weighing machine. What are those signs? Let’s have a look. 


  • Your Clothes Do Not Cling You Anymore

Did you ever feel it challenging to fit in your pair of jeans? And, now that you have been trying hard to shed that extra fat, did you feel that those jeans buttons up without much efforts? If yes, then you are on track. This is one of the most evident signs that you are losing weight. Keep it up! Let the balls rolling. 


  • When You Feel A Lot More Hungry 

If you start feeling hungry more than usual, it might frighten you at first. It can make you think that if you satisfy your hunger urges, all your hard work is going into a drain. But, it isn’t so! The more workout you do, the more metabolism occurs, which, further implies burning of fat. And, if the fat is burning, it is quite natural to feel hungry. Make sure you don’t starve yourself, and also make sure you feed your body the right food.


  • Energy Flows Through Your Veins

When you start accomplishing those small milestones on your fitness journey, you’ll feel the change from within. In case, you have been lethargic before, the change would be all the more noticeable. When you start caring for yourself more, the glow on your face refuses to subdue, and your self-confidence touches the sky; be certain that you are on the right track. Happiness would make space in your life, without you even knowing about it. 


  • Feeling All The More Powerful

Initially, when you dived into the journey of losing weight, lifting that extra weight may have felt impossible. Your muscles would have pained like hell, and those cramps would have felt all the more painful. But, now that one month has passed, things might have taken a turn for good. Picking that same weight might seem like a play work, and doing those push ups might not give that much pain. 


  • Being Active Is The Definition Of The New You

There would have been a time when tackling everyday tasks might have seemed like moving mountains. But, when you start working out, things seem to be quite easier. Whether it is climbing stairs to work, cleaning the house, or the gardening work; all these tasks and you’ll be ready for more. Yes, you are on the right track if your body can take more of pressure and still feel energized. 


  • Your Food Preferences Change

When you feel a bit positive and start feeling lighter from inside, that Mc Donald’s burger doesn’t entice you anymore. You’ll naturally feel the urge to ditch that unhealthy food and indulge in eating the good food. The green vegetables and salads would be your new favourite food and no magically you will find yourself munching on spinach you once hated. 


  • Changes In Your Sleep Patterns

It is common for people to deal with insomnia at one point or other in their life. The disturbed sleeping patterns can take the better of your health and make way for stress. But, when you indulge yourself into a weight loss endeavour, you’ll realize the sleeping patterns have improved big time. The sleep duration would be peaceful and deep enough to make you feel energized and fresh in the morning.


  • Your Heavy Breathing Isn’t That Heavy

That heavy breathing when you climb the stairs or walk long distances would become a thing of the past. Even if you climb mountains, your breath would be calmer and composed. Isn’t it a great change? This is the best sign that indicates you are on a positive path of fitness. You will feel better about yourself, and more than that you will regret as to why you didn’t think of losing weight earlier. 


  • Your Face Starts Speaking The Truth

If you are losing weight, the first signs to look for are in your looks. When you look in the mirror, your cheekbones become a sight to behold. You start loving the new face shape and the evolution of your looks too. The beautiful you would be a charmer and no weighing scale is going to measure that change. You need to go look in the mirror from time to time and see how your face speaks up the truth. 


  • Try Your Feet at Racing, “Pun Intended”

Join a marathon or compete with your friend for a race, your energy through the way will make you realize how much progress you made on your weight loss journey. It is not necessary that you win, but it is essential for you to make it to the final mark of the race without giving up. If you manage to make it to the end, you are certainly making progress. Be sure that you are not far away from your weight loss goals.  


Ten Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some added tips to keep your weight loss journey on track:

  • Drink plenty and plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • Say no to caffeine and be more welcoming to herbal teas
  • Eat mini healthy meals from time to time to satisfy your hunger urges
  • Stock your kitchen with healthy food and dump any food that holds you back from reaching your fitness goals
  • Never ever skip breakfast. It should be the heaviest meal you have for the day
  • Give up alcohol and if you cannot resist having it, limit it to the weekends
  • Try and devise a diet plan and stick to it on a strict basis
  • Keep your spirits high and do not give up no matter what
  • Try and include protein in your diet on a daily basis
  • And, of course, try and take food to events without offending the host

You just need to get up every morning and remind yourself, “Yes, I can do it”!

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