We all love a juicy, mouth-watering flavours when it comes to food and I would not wish bland chicken on anyone, so how can we keep these without adding nasty or unwanted calories, fillers, or gunk to our food?

Well first of all, there are plenty of good options to add to create extra flavour without the unwanted stuff. Seasonings are great, low calories dressings and citrus juices are great.

Single seasonings, herbs, and spices are great in single form as a rule but when you start to get into the blends can be when you get some fillers, added salt and sugar and other hidden stuff in there. The Flavour Chef are a seasoning brand with zero salt, sugars, additives or preservatives, which is something I'd recommend.

Dressings are great when it comes to adding flavour aswell, again however just be careful of the caloric contents of them as some have higher than others and use in moderation.

Be sure to look at the back of the nutrition label when looking at the products.


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