What if you ate some more and still lost weight?

Eat MORE food and lose MORE weight... Crazy right?

So we've all heard the claims and seen the results. Someone is given a larger caloric consumption and is able to somehow lose more weight than previously on lower calories, but how?

Simple. More often then not this increase in calories leads to an increase in energy (more calories = More energy) which then allows for greater output (movement, NEAT, energise, etc..) which in turn leads to MORE CALORIES BURNED. It's really quiet simple.

Now does this mean we can endlessly increase calories and continue to drop weight? No. This result is most common in those with sedentary lifestyles, New lifters, overweight or those who have come back from a hiatus from training.

Experienced lifters and those who are already quite active are more than likely already moving a lot during the day and a bolstering in calories is unlikely to lead to higher expenditure due to their already high activity levels.

So the take away from this is, if you've been slacking off lately, messy with your macros, new to lifting or just lazy in general. A well PLANNED and methodical approach to in reading calories MAY help you on your journey of weight loss. But I urge you to please please consult a coach / dietitian to help make this as easy as possible.

So if YOU want to eat MORE and LOSE FAT, Reach out to me and let's get started!

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