Taking Food To Events Without Offending The Host

Weight loss is a blend of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Making a decision to do something about your weight is no one day work. It is a decision that comes after a lot of thought, contemplation, motivation, and you being pushed to do it. And, once you have started the journey, keeping yourself dedicated is another challenge that shows up. Whether it is you passing near your favourite pastry shop or your friends savouring your favourite fries; all of it is likely to make you feel weak in the knees. And, it is more likely that you would give in!

The worst part comes when your friend throws a party and you are invited! There would be tons of food there, and most of it would not be healthy. What then? Having it would mean that all the efforts you have put to lose weight have gone into nothing. What to do then? Skipping the party is not the option; it might offend your host more than you think. Even if you skip the party, this pattern would not take you far but would make you feel isolated from your social circle. Losing weight at the expense of losing friends is not an option!

The right thing to do would be to attend the event but take your own healthy food along. Yes, you heard it right! Indulge in B.Y.O, i.e., bring your own food. This is the smartest way out to eat the right thing along with maintaining your cordial relationships with your friend. But, again you are at risk of offending the host. They might feel bad about you getting your own food to the party. But, this problem can be sorted out. How? Let’s find out.

How Taking Your Own Food To Event Helps You?

If you think that a few calories won’t harm you, you are wrong. If you are adopting a healthy lifestyle, make sure you stick to it. Be the smarter one and choose to eat healthy no matter where you go!

If you are still looking for reasons for why you should be taking your own food to an event, here are some to prevent you from going astray.

Helps You Stay On Track: If you choose a healthy lifestyle, make sure you stick to it. Most people start a weight loss journey, but their old habits win in the end as they can’t control the urge to stay in their comfortable zone. Going out of the way seems right to some point, but you are likely to give in to your food cravings.

But, this isn’t the way out! You need to be firm with your decisions and make a vow to yourself that you won’t have anything unhealthy. And, a vow should be an unbreakable promise you make for your betterment.

Aid in Controlling the Cravings: Yes, resisting the food cravings is the trickiest task to master! But, everything is possible when you try it. When you have put all your efforts to stay fit, having an event to attend could be your test. You need to pass it at any cost! No need to give in to your food cravings, rather be the smarter one and bring in your own food.

Do not sabotage your efforts to stay fit! You can be anyone you want, but you just need to believe in yourself and put your 100 percent efforts into achieving your weight loss goals.

Helps Stay Away From Regrets: If you made a decision a month ago that you will give up on your unhealthy lifestyle and you ditch that decision just because you had an event to attend; you are not doing it right. It is a mere excuse if you say that you did not want to offend your host. What if after the event you realize that your body did not take the unhealthy food well? What if you throw it up or your body responds negatively?

Regret would make way into your happy space. Would you like it then? No, isn’t it? Then, do not do anything that makes you go astray from your weight loss endeavours. If you eat healthily, you’ll stay content and fit.

How Not To Offend Your Host?

Send a message prior to the event.

There is no point in fussing about what you are going to eat at the party your friend is throwing. Being worried about how your friend would feel if you take your own food is natural. But, there is no other viable option left! That is why; it is advised to mail your host well in advance about your food priorities. Tell them how bringing your food will make you stick to your fitness goals. You need to be kind enough with your words so that they do not feel offended.

If they are a keeper, they’ll understand your concern and would help you upkeep your healthy diet options.

Be Upfront About Your Choices Once You Are There

The other option could be to wait for the right time and tell them about your food preferences once you reach the event. Maybe you get there and already find some healthy options on the table. If not, do not hesitate to talk to the host in person. It is always ok to speak up rather than sabotaging your efforts to stay fit. You need to realize that being selfish and making you a priority is not always wrong!

An understanding friend will always understand and make you feel comfortable about your B.Y.O initiatives, without affecting the relations.

Remind Them That Their Company Matters Not The Food

Prior to the event, make sure you talk to your host about your weight loss journey. Enlighten them about your hardships and how you are feeling all the more energized and happy. And, tell them that you do not wish to ruin your efforts to stay fit as even a slightest of calories can make a difference. Also, let them know that you would have given the event a miss, but you didn’t! It is their company that matters the most and not what they eat.

All these nice words would not make them feel bad for sure. Your honesty would make them realize that you aren’t offending them in any way.

Are There Any Alternatives?

What if you do not want to give up on your weight loss efforts and do not even feel like offending the host by bringing your own food. You might ask whether there is some other alternative to go with. Yes, there is a loophole! You could eat before you go.

Have your healthy meals before you get there so that you can stand through the event without much effort. If you will follow this practice, you’ll feel full and no matter how enticing the food at the event may seem, you’ll give it a miss. And, if it is about your host, you can have some cold drink or juice to make them feel you are enjoying the bash. Bingo, you made a smart decision!

Always remember, “Fitness is similar to a relationship. You can’t afford to cheat and expect it to work in your favour”.

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