Rapid Weight Loss & Why You Will Gain It All Back Plus Some

In this era where instant noodles are a thing, people expect everything to happen in a jiffy. People tend to run behind anything that promises rapid results. But, if looking for some real results, you need to ditch the rapid. Yes, losing weight and transforming into a beautiful you is a dream you can’t wait to live, yet you need to understand that it is no one day work. 

There are a lot many who complain about how they regained some weight while heading forward on the weight loss journey. It is similar to moving in reverse when you have applied the first gear. Nothing could be more frustrating and disappointing, but why does that happen is the real concern. 

Are you facing the same dilemma? Here are some reasons you need to be aware of. 

  • Impractical Diet Plans

Sometimes, in a hurry to reach the set fitness milestone, one tends to follow diet plans that may seem interesting but may pose a negative impact in the long run. You need to realize that your body takes time to adapt to what you are feeding it. 

You can’t just devoid it from having something it is used to and feed it back all of a sudden. The key is to slowly and gradually help the body adapt to the changes. Do not let your body crave for something too badly!

  • Over-The-Top Exercise Programs

When you first hit the gym, you may see many a people around you who are lifting heavy weights, spending hours on the treadmill, or doing about a hundred push ups. These activities around are enough to boost your enthusiasm and will to make things happen. 

And, while you try to follow the footsteps of others, you forget that you just started; you can’t put that much pressure on your body. The plan seems to work for a short span and you may witness some weight loss too, but in no time you’ll realize you gained some back in. 

  • When You Stop the Tracking

There are times when you know how gradual is better and you prefer taking the weight loss journey slow. It is the best thing, and you realize that the formula has done wonders for you. But, suddenly over time, you get bored with your fitness regime. 
You stop tracking your results and think that you have lost enough weight to discontinue the fitness routine. This is where you are wrong! When you give up on something your body got comfortable with, and start following your old ways, the extra weight would bother you again. 

  • The Lazy Attitude

It is natural for people to do so much towards losing weight that they start having “cheat days,” to celebrate their weight loss success. One eats like there is no tomorrow, does not exercise, and stays sluggishly tucked in the bed. 
Many a time, people are found to be getting too comfortable with the cheat days concept that they make it a habit. And, bingo! You regain the lost weight with plus some more. 

  • Something Halts Your Fitness Routine

Sometimes an injury, a holiday, or any other unfavourable circumstance makes an individual unfollow their fitness routine. All the pain and lost pounds come right back to haunt you and make you feel worthless. 

This is a common thing to happen with anyone around. Life is an unpredictable journey and no one can actually tell what would be coming next, so there is no one to blame for the gained weight. But, once you are back on track what you do about the weight is in your hands. 

Side Effects of Rapid Weight Loss

Looking into the mirror and appreciating how you lost weight can be the best feeling on this earth. The pleasure that one feels to witness them in shape is indefinable. Yet, people forget that what they lost rapidly can take the better of their health. Do not believe it? These side effects will help you realize the repercussions.

  • The Bodily Problems: Be it fatigue, dizziness, cramping,    constipation, or even the headaches; rapid weight loss can affect you badly. You may have lost some pounds but you will not feel good because your body has something different to say.
  • Dripping Skin: The dripping skin or what can be referred to as    the loose skin can also be a result of rapid weight loss. However, this happens only in case of extremely rapid weight loss regimes that you follow and usually, surgery is required to deal with the problem. 
  • Muscle Loss: When you start the journey of weight loss by adopting unrealistic diet plans and fail to follow a strategic exercising regime, your muscles may start drooping. Such a habit slows down the metabolism and leaves you with added weight in turn. 
  • Ruins the Fun: There was a time when you loved your life, and what you eat to satisfy your hunger urges. Now that you have given up on your desires all too suddenly, it may leave you deprived and craving for your favourite delicacies. What is the point in feeling regretful all the time and not feeling happy?

The Right Way to Do It

Slowly and gradually we will recover, we will survive, and we will rebuild.

If you are looking for a result to stay for a long time, you need to bring significant amendments to your lifestyle. The first thing that you need to make clear in your head is that changes cannot be brought overnight. The idea is to adapt to your weight loss efforts in a way that you start loving it. 

Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Know Your Limits

The best thing to start a suitable weight loss routine is to know your limits. What makes you tired? How much time you can devote to exercising? Is your willpower strong enough? Ask yourself all these questions prior to making a diet plan and an exercising schedule. The best idea would be to consult a fitness expert for a piece of meaningful advice. 

  • Stop Being Too Conscious

When weight loss is always in your mind, you tend to become conscious with almost everything you do and everything you have. Instead of being too concerned about how much weight you lost, try and follow your fitness regime seriously. 

  • Learn To Enjoy the New Journey

     When you start enjoying your daily routine and your diet, everything becomes fun. Start doing what feels comfortable and is easy on your body. Do not follow the footsteps of a successful fitness figure, you need to realize that you are different and so is your body. Keep it slow but do not stop while you enjoy as much as you can.

  • Track Your Success

There are many fitness tracking apps you can easily find on your Play Store or your Apple store that keep a record of every bite and every calorie lost. The best part is that these apps also suggest diet plans and exercise regimes you should follow. You could also maintain a diary and do the tracking manually. Either way, you would know how far along the way you have come and how far you need to go.

  • Do Not Stop

Get going and never look back! The mantra of weight loss is to stay at it. If you have been working slowly and gradually your body starts adapting to the changes. And, once you make your body learn a new thing, never make it run to the old ways. Stick to your diet plan and the exercising schedule. If you think you have done enough, your body would prove you wrong. 

  • Keep Your Resting Nerves at Bay

Never take a rest as you may get too comfortable with it. Staying active is always the key to keep up with your weight loss goals without regaining any. If you have a sitting office job, prefer taking the staircase instead. Try and walk around after you are done with your lunch. You could also tag along a fitness band to keep a track of how many steps you walk, a great way to keep you motivated!

  • Get Back On the Track

No matter what held you back from your weight loss journey, and no matter how much you regained; the key is to stop the self-pitying game and get back on track. No need to stress yourself much and dive into a depression. Get up, re-follow your fitness routine, take it slow, and get fit all over again. 

Be like an ant, no matter how many times you climb and fall down; do not the failures hold you from anything amazing. 

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