Know Your Condiments

A simple rule to weight loss; consume fewer calories and burn more!

Condiments are those flavourful elements that satisfy hunger and the soul like no other. All those seasonings and sauces that you decorate your food with tend to augment the taste of the already tasty food. Who would want to give up on condiments after all? On the other hand, if you are on a quest to lose weight, it becomes essential to know your condiments. You must have limited your calories and skipped onto a healthier diet plan, but did you manage to check the condiments too? 

For a fact, there are some condiments that claim to contain more calories than you would ever expect. So while you pick up the condiments’ bottle from your kitchen top, stop for a moment! Contemplate whether it is good for your fitness goal or not, and make a wiser decision by practicing self-control. 

Well, the good news here is; you need not ditch all the condiments that you may come across in the market. There is no need to feel deprived of something you love. This is the reason why you need to understand the difference between the good and the bad condiments so that you can stock your kitchen with the right ingredients. 

Let’s get started and get clarity on how condiments affect your health and fitness. 

Why Do You Need To Check On Condiments?

A lot of fitness enthusiasts think that they can easily shift on the low-calorie boring food by adding the extra condiments. The misconception that the condiments will contribute to your weight loss efforts is highly spread among people. Do not fall in the trap! Condiments add up to the calories faster than you may think. 

The simple cure is to swap the bad condiments with the good ones! Here is the list of good vs. the bad condiments to help you choose better. A little awareness is never that harmful, isn’t it?

The Six Condiments to Exclude From Your Diet 

  • The Tasty Creamy Salad Dressings 

  • All those salad dressings may seem mouth-watering and irresistible, but you need to stop yourself right there. These dressings are full of calories, fats, and sodium owing to the content of mayonnaise, oils, and cheese. Even two tablespoons of these dressings can give you 150 calories in turn. 

    Calories per hundred grams: 457

  • The All So Favourite Tomato Ketchup

  • The tasty ketchup sachets that you add to your McDonalds’ burger are not good for your weight loss endeavours. The ketchup is full of sugar and salt and can add up to your overall weight. Some ketchup brands also use high-fructose corn syrup, which, in turn, are known for slowing down metabolism. 

    Calories per hundred grams: 112

  • Soy Sauce-The Popular Liquid Condiment 

  • Soy sauce is a useful condiment of Chinese origin that is used to add flavours to your favourite noodles or that relishing fried rice. You may also have a bottle in your refrigerator, but you would want to exclude it owing to how it negates your weight loss efforts. The sauce is normally chemically processed and has a fair share of wheat in it. Soy sauce is a complete no-no for people looking for gluten-free alternatives.

    Calories per hundred grams53

  • The White And Creamy Mayonnaise

  • The mayo is a personal favourite of everyone! Giving up may seem like snatching your favourite toppings, but it is certainly not good for any weight loss enthusiast. The sauce is made from soybean oil and vinegar, making it a good source of saturated fats. Even a single tablespoon can add up to a hundred extra calories in your bandwagon. 

    Calories per hundred grams680 calories

  • The Sugary Barbeque Sauce

  • The BBQ sauce may be one of your favourites, but is doing you no good. The sauce is high on sugar as even a tablespoon can add 6 grams of sugar to your system. Where avoiding barbeque sessions is not an option, you could reconsider the condiments. It would be a good idea to look for BBQ sauce that is less sugary or salty. 

    Calories per hundred grams172

  • Ranch-The Yummy Salad Dressing

  • The ranch dressing is the best selling salad dressing of all time. The rich taste and the wonderful flavours make it popular among the masses. It is a blend of buttermilk, onion, salt, and mayonnaise, spices, and ginger. Sometimes sour cream and yogurt are substituted with buttermilk and mayonnaise to make it healthier to consume. 

    Calories per hundred grams:  484


    The Six Not So Harmful Condiments

    1. Vinegar the Form of Acetic Acid

    The best quality of vinegar is in its long retention of food in the body before it breaks down to form energy. In turn, you feel fuller and your hunger stays at bay for longer periods of time. If you are too obsessed with tossing your salads, vinegar could prove to be a good substitute. 

    Calories per hundred grams: 18 

    1. The Fresh and Healthy Low Fat Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese is a curd based product that is fresh and savouring to eat.     The cheese also contains a fair share of nutrients that a body needs for proper growth and functioning. The best would be to use the sauce as a dip and have it with your breakfast. You’ll fall for its rich taste and it also promises to keep you full for the entire day. 

    Calories per hundred grams: 85

    1. The Homemade Hummus

    This version of ground chickpeas blended with olive oil and lemon pinches makes a great spread called “hummus.” This wholesome food is found to be high on fibre and facilitates in satisfying hunger big time. The natural food is easy to prepare and is a natural diet option to eliminate the extra pounds in a faster manner. 

    Calories per tablespoon25 

    1. The Delicious Greek Yogurt

    The creamy and delicious Greek yogurt is the new trend among fitness enthusiasts. The yogurt is devoid of most of the whey and is considered as low fat or fat-free yogurt. This is a refreshing treat you could eat after a workout. The high content of calcium, potassium, and essential vitamins makes Greek yogurt the best treat of all. Not to forget how it helps in improving the digestive and immune system. 

    Calories per hundred grams: 59

    1. The Mexican Hot Salsa

    The hot and lip-smacking salsa sauce is a dip that you can place your bets on. Salsa is made from herbs, onions, chilies, and is basically tomato based. Much better; you can prefer making your own homemade salsa, for it would contain less sodium and artificial preservatives. A perfect treat for all the dieters, indeed!

    Calories per serving: 36

    1. The Appetizing Mustard Sauce

    The best condiments of all, the mustard sauce is tasty as well as healthy. It is popular for it does not have many calories and no added sugar. The sauce makes for a good spread for your sandwiches, hot dogs, and salads. The mustard sauce also helps burn more calories than consumed. Isn’t that all you want?

    Calories per hundred grams: 66

    Ten Tips to Maintain a Balanced Diet

  • Take Your Servings on The Side

  • Rather than infusing your food with all kinds of sauces on the top, serve it by the side of the plate. What is the difference you may ask? The fact is; serving condiments on the side helps you choose how much you can afford to taste. It would be better that you stick to a tablespoon of your favourite condiment as this much can be handled nicely by your body. 

  • Track What Goes Into The System

  • When you maintain a food diary or log your intake into a food tracking app, you might get an idea where the extra calories are springing from. If the condiments are found to be guilty, you can make the necessary changes in your diet. Tracking your food is anyways recommended for any weight loss enthusiast. It not only motivates to proceed towards the intended goals but also helps stick to a pre planned diet plan. 

  • Where Homemade Is The Best

  • If you can’t get over your favourite condiment, you need not abandon it. Yes, that is possible! You just need to opt for preparing one at home. Bring the chef within you to life and experiment making a healthier version of your favourite condiment. The best part is that you would have control over the ingredients, thus a perfect way to measure your calorie intake. 

  • Go Through The Labels

  • When filling your baskets with condiments at a supermarket, going through the labels is never a waste practice. If the mayonnaise sauce that you bought last time happens to be high in calories, go for mayonnaise with olive oil. It is a better substitute which has 35 calories for every 15 grams. The superior option would taste similar and would positively contribute to effective weight loss. A perfect way to lose weight while enjoying your favourite condiment, isn’t it?

  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

  • A simple trick to keep your weight loss efforts in check! If you have stocked your refrigerator with all the weight harming condiments, clear it out. Keep them somewhere you cannot find them as it will help you stay ahead in the fitness race. The more you will control your cravings, the better your life would turn out to be. 

  • Portion Sizes Are A Big Saviour

  • When you bring a condiment home, read through the serving sizes well in advance. When the cravings strike in; use spoons and cups to measure the quantity before savouring your taste buds. Also, a tablespoon should be more than enough when cravings get to your head. 

  • A Fork a Day Keeps The Calories Away

  • Following the fork rule is another effective way to maintain a low-calorie diet. This is a smart way to limit the amount of condiment that goes into the plate. Whether it is the scrumptious salad or the healthy flavourful pasta, dip a fork into the condiment and mix it with your food. This way you can enjoy the rich taste of the condiment along with limiting the calories. 

  • Marking The Dates Is Ever Beneficial

  • If you have a stringent diet plan to follow, mark the dates when you give in to your cravings as it psychologically helps you control your desires. Use a marker and write the date when you consumed the condiment, and make sure you don’t open the lid for another three months. Because, once in a while is never that harmful, right? 

  • Say A Yes To Natural Condiments

  • It isn’t necessary that the condiment you choose has to be a sauce or a dressing. It can be a natural food enhancer too and has great health benefits associated with it. Options such as natural honey, nuts & seeds, sliced fruits, or salsa could also make for a great condiment. The taste would be richer and your weight loss efforts would not go into ruins. 

  • The Low Sodium Condiments Are The Best

  • Sodium is known to increase water retention in the body, which, in turn, leads to bloating and difficulty in losing weight. If you are into salty condiments, try and exclude/replace them. If the condiment lists 140 mg of sodium per serving or even less, only then add it to your basket. Avoid condiments such as soy sauce, pickles, olives, or even that teriyaki sauce, if you wish to keep excess sodium at bay. 

    Change does not come overnight; you certainly need to go an extra mile to reach your intended goal. Only when you embrace the fitness journey and learn to minimize and sacrifice, will you make a difference. Having known the difference between the good and the bad condiments, you can smartly choose your options. Never hesitate to reach out to a fitness expert for they can help you master the much-needed will power. Good luck! 

    Sometimes you need to choose between what is easy and what is right. Choose your path wisely!

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