Know How to Respond When People Ask About Your Results

There could be no better feeling in this world than losing that extra accumulated fat. You become more of attractive, fit, and your self-confidence boosts in turn. It is more likely that you become centre of attraction, and either people start looking up to you for motivation, or they envy you. All the importance and attention might take you on cloud nine. And, who doesn’t like that attention after all? 

The question here is how to respond to people when they ask about how you got there. What did you do to shed that extra fat of yours? What is your diet plan? What routine do you follow? How do you manage your weight loss regime along with work? While you may be all overwhelmed with all these questions, you sometimes fail to speak up the right things. 

Some people do not like to talk about their weight and weight loss as they become over-conscious at the thought of it.  If you too are facing the dilemma as to how to respond when people ask you about your weight loss results, here are some tips to get you through.


  • When someone says, ”Hey, you lost weight, and you look great”!

This is quite evident that people around you will start noticing when you start losing weight. And, it is then that it becomes inevitable for people to talk about you. Most of the times, they are good things because you’ll notice people complimenting you. It is the best thing to hear when you have put so much effort into achieving your goals. 

Do not feel uncomfortable or try to impart negative vibes when somebody compliments you for your weight loss. It would be a kind thing to acknowledge the compliments by a simple and sweet thank you. 

  • When Someone Says, “Are You On Some Drugs”?

You might have heard people saying that you must be on some weight loss drug that you lost weight soon. It can be the most annoying thing to hear about you. Isn’t it? While you may be Googling for ways to kill someone, you might want to control your anger. Staying calm and working hard is the key here. You need not to make a fuss out of it. Just get going, and make them realize that it is mere hard work that has got you so far. 

  • When Someone Says, “You have got way too skinny”

Some people can never say good things no matter how well you are doing in life. It is a particular breed in the society that has a problem with everything; when you were fat, then they had things to say and now that you are losing weight, they would be trying to make you negative. If you notice people telling you that how skinny you have got, just tell them that you love getting skinny. Your response would be enough to fail them in their evil endeavours. 

  • When Someone Asks,” Can you share your weight loss journey”

There are people who are always looking for motivation around them. These are positive souls who wish to make a difference by following the steps of successful people. Such people would appreciate you and would definitely want to know how you achieved your weight loss goals. Even if you feel irritated at first owing to repeating the same answer, again and again, do not ignore these people. First of all, smile and say thank you. Then go on by telling them how you got there and what difference you made in your routine. It would certainly help them!

  • When Someone Asks, “Why Did You Lose weight”?

Yes, you may find people who’ll tell you that you looked better earlier and your weight loss does not suit you much. It is the most discouraging thing to say and it is definitely not a compliment. Such viewpoints reflect one’s insecurities and inability to take your positive change in a good way. These people just want to make you lose your self-confidence. The right way to respond would be, “Yes, I have lost weight, and trust me nothing can feel better”. 

  • When Someone Comments, “You Hardly made a difference”

No matter how much efforts you put into losing weight, some people will always try and put you down. Even if you manage to lose 10 pounds, they’ll say that you are still that chubby person you used to be. First things first; you need to maintain a distance from such negative people. Tell them that if you haven’t lost any weight, you will soon lose it. It will surely help shut their mouths. 

  • When Someone Says, “I am proud of you”

Positive comments are ever welcome. And, when someone says that they are proud of how you changed your body, a little blushing is all the more natural. But, this one word “proud” makes your every effort worth it. Thank these people because they are a blessing. These compliments keep you going without going astray. In simple words, it is the benefit that you reap when you put all you have into losing weight. 

  • When Someone Asks,” Why Now?”

Some people will go on asking you that why you started to lose weight this late. What was the need to start now? What made you decide that you needed to lose weight? All these questions are quite personal and may even impact you negatively as you might start thinking that you are too late to shed extra weight. If you are struggling to answer this simple question, you should just laugh it out. Tell them that it is better to be late than never. Your positive reply will surely keep them off from asking you any further questions. 


  • When Someone Says,” It is all useless”

There are some negative elements in the society that will always remind that you are worthless. Just because they failed at their attempt to lose weight, they’ll try and make you feel negative too. So these people will try boycotting you or say mean things that are going to hurt. And, oh boy, you’ll not like it! You need to keep calm and ignore their negative vibes altogether. But, if it is your partner tries to negate your efforts, tell them what they are doing is quite opposite of what is expected.


  • When someone says, “Did you undergo a weight loss surgery?”


Some people are never going to believe that you put those extra efforts   to shed that extra weight! They’ll be all shocked to see the new version of you that they can’t resist asking whether you went through surgery or something. Yes, it may seem to be disappointing that people compare your hard work with options like surgery. The right way to deal with it would be to say, “No, I haven’t! I preferred changing my lifestyle instead”. 


What If Your Friend Loses Weight? Know How to Appreciate Them  

You could be on the other side of the picture as well. What if your friend loses weight and they appear to be more beautiful and sexier they were before. The thumb rule is to appreciate them. Make them feel that they have done a good job; it will make them feel good about themselves. If you are playing a role in making them stay motivated, no friend could be better than you. 

Here’s what you can say:

  • Congratulate the person for making them this fit
  • Hey, you look great! Do not give up, and keep your spirits high! 
  • I’m so happy for you! I feel so proud of you to lose those extra pounds
  • I like how you have changed yourself
  • Wow! What a transformation, how did you manage to do it?

At last, if anyone tries to put you down, just remember, “Before you give up, think about why you held on for so long”. And, if someone appreciates you, you need to remember, “A smallest thanks is always good idea in return of some good compliments.”

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