Know how to avoid sabotage

It is said, “Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead and if you lose, you can guide”. But, yet there are some people who would rather like to stay on the safer side. They do not take risks and fear the consequences of their actions without even giving it a try. Or, they give it a try but the change scares them, so they run back to their old ways. But, is it going to take you far? No, it certainly won’t! So, why sabotage your growth by keeping things running with a constant flow? There is no fun in limiting your skills when you hold the power to set a standard for the others to follow. 

The key is to accept that you are sabotaging yourself. When you skip from denial to self-acceptance your life takes an upturn. Free your mind from the burden of what is holding you back, conquer your fears, value yourself, and then only you would be able to taste success.

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