Keep Your Active Social Life While Losing Weight

One should spend a social life to keep their spirit happy and going!

Weight loss is a journey to initiate when you get inspired by the idea of getting fit, but end up continuing it as a lifestyle change if the motivation is good enough. There is a saying, “Every good thing comes with a price.” Same goes for reaching that desired number on the weight loss scale. Sometimes in the race to reach your goals, maintaining your social circle gets to the back seat. 

You tend to avoid your friends for fear of ending up eating and drinking that your diet plan does not allow. This may sound ok in the short term, but loneliness and seclusion that comes along, in the long run, are scary. For a while, you may think that you are happy with your weight loss routine and you do not need a social life. However, it is somewhere down the line that you’ll see your friends posting pictures on the social media platforms, and you will find yourself struggling with FOMO, i.e., fear of missing out.

The feeling of seclusion can be haunting! If you are living in a misconception that you have to choose either your diet plan or your social life, you are wrong. The fact is: you can choose both! Yes, you heard that right, you can make the two worlds meet with a bit of smart work on your end. 

Why Maintaining A Social Life Is Essential?

There are studies that say that maintaining a social life is synonymous with your efforts to lose weight. When you have a good circle of friends that continuously helps you and motivates you to do your thing, nothing can stop you on the way. 

That nowhere means that you need to attend every event or get together you are invited to. You need to be smart and strategic about choosing who matters and who will understand. If your kind of people believe in you and lift up your spirits, never stop hanging out with them. It is the love and the support of your loved ones that will take you to your destined goals in the end. 

Is It A Yes Or A No?

Before you end up at any event, party, or bar hopping with friends; ask yourself:

  • Is it a rare event? 

  • If you are attending a wedding, a graduation function, or any once-in-lifetime event; you would not want to miss it. On the other hand, if it is a frequent get together that comes along like every weekend or even once in a month; you could afford missing it for your own good. 

  • With Whom Are You Tagging Along?

  • The company matters! If you are going out with your friends, are they supportive and understanding? Do you end up with a hangover whenever you hang out with these guys? You need to ask these questions and choose your circle well to avoid those regrets from coming in. 

  • Are You Ready For The Consequences?

    If you decide to attend a social gathering, and in case you would want to forget the weight loss thing for the day, are you ready for the consequences? Would you regret it if you don’t go? Or, will you regret it if you go? Take every aspect into consideration and make a decision and stick to it! The best advice would be going there but leaving early! This way, you’ll not be losing out on friends while clicking perfect with your fitness goals. 

  • Were you out the previous week too?

  • If you were out the previous week too, you would want to miss it this time. Being out every weekend does not prove to be doing you any good. Once in a month is fine, as keeping a balance between your social life and health needs is ever essential.

  • How Far Along The Journey You Have Been?

  • If you have been sleeping well, eating well, and exercising well; why on earth would you want to sabotage your efforts for the sake of one night? If you have been too obsessed with the fit life mode, do not ditch it for anything in the world. If it has taken a lot to get where you are, is attending the event worth it? 

    Smart Tips to Consider In Case You Decide To Go

  • There Is No Limit To Your Willpower

  • Attending any social gathering becomes a cakewalk when you have the will and the determination to keep a check on your calorie intake. You need to set your mind beforehand, so that you are prepared and won’t give up, no matter what comes across the table. Don’t compare yourself with others. Their journey is different and yours is different! Attending a gathering where all sorts of unhealthy foods are served is a test of your endurance and resistance, and you need to emerge as a winner. 

    Ask yourself:

    • Are you mentally strong to resist?
    • Why did you start in the first place?
    • Would the extra calories hurt you?
    • Can you compensate for it later?
    • How will you deal with the regrets later? 

  • Choose Feeding Yourself Over Deprivation

  • If you are thinking that you need to give up food completely and pretend that you are fasting or something, you are wrong again. It is said,” When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This, in turn, means that you need to act like you are one of them. The only difference is that while they eat the fried, you choose the boiled! In simple words, choose the healthy options available over the unhealthy. 

    Here is a chart for unhealthy vs. the healthy options:

    Foods To Ignore

    Better Choices To Make

    • Cookies and candies
    • Fruit or vegetable salads
    • Hot dogs 
    • Grilled vegetables
    • Brownie and cakes
    • Fresh juice and lemonades
    • Pizzas and Pastas 
    • A cup of plain or Greek yogurt 
    • Cocktail and cold drinks
    • Fish and veggies

  • Take Your Own Food While You Can

  • This is a simple trick to stick to your diet plan and keep up with the social obligations. Yes, you might be afraid of offending your host; but you need to understand that you can work through it. The best trick is to talk to your buddy well in advance so that they know how you are serious about your health and fitness. Chances are that they will understand, and they could ask you to bring some for them as well. A win-win situation! 

  • Great Stories Start With Salads, Not Alcohol!

  • Where saying a no is not an option, choosing your drinks should be! When everyone is raising their glasses for a toast, why should you be left behind? You could give a try to non-alcoholic fruit cocktails. If you are thinking that a glass or two of alcohol will not sabotage your weight loss efforts, wait for the time your body proves you wrong. 

    Remember to not fall for any juices that claim them to be “natural.” These juices are high in artificial sugars and flavours that may end up doing more harm than good. 

    And, in case, the alcohol becomes too irresistible, a little bit is never that harmful. However, prefer lower-calorie alcoholic options such as wine or a can of mild beer. And, these are also better than those sugary juices that offer over-the-hype calories. 

  • Take It One Sip At A Time

  • If you end up with a glass of alcohol in your hand, do not SIP SLIP! In simple words, do not gulp it down in one go. You need to sit there, enjoy the aura of the place, go on a nostalgia trip with your friends, and listen to good music. And, drink the beer sip by sip. The more time you’ll take to drink the whole glass, the more are the chances that you will not indulge in binge-drinking. 

    Also, I prefer drinking water from time to time! It will help cover up for all the harm you are posing on your body by maintaining a chemical balance inside. This simple strategy will help in sticking to the diet plan the very next morning, without making much difference to your progress. 

  • Satisfying Your Hunger Sprees In Advance

  • This is a good old trick to stay away from what is served outside! If you have a weekend get-together with friends, don’t refuse to go. There would be a lot of gossip to catch onto and you wouldn’t want to miss it. If you have any doubt that this gala time may not end up well with your weight loss goals, eat before you leave! 

    If the party is scheduled for 8, have your dinner by 7. Make sure you have a meal that is full of fibre and proteins owing to their capability to satisfy the hunger. There are fair chances that the food served on the table would not entice you if you are already full. 

  • The Trick Is To Trick The System

  • Water is the best saviour of all! When nothing works, water will. No matter what event you attend, gulp down a glass of water every now and then. The thing is: when you drink water you feel full, and when you feel full, you do not feel like stuffing yourself with unhealthy food. This is the simple trick that can save you from guilt, later on. Aren’t the water shots worth it? 

  • Ditch The Rounds For Your Own Good

  • When friends meet up after a long time, hours seem like seconds. With more and more to catch up to, the drinking sessions go up to several rounds. While there is no harm in a round or two, continuing it further would do you no good. It would be a good practice to let your friends know that you can’t have that much and that you have a diet to follow. If they insist, go for the soda-lemon shots instead. Yaa, it sounds funny, yet it is effective. 

  • Choose Where You Would Want To Hop In

  • Meeting friends over dinner? Can’t make up your mind as to what to do? When you can’t say no to your friends and can’t say no to your weight loss goals as well, pleasing both can become challenging. The right trick to make both things work would be to browse online for restaurants that offer healthy eateries and have non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu. 

    Suggest your friends try this new place, where you could munch on healthy food. And, bingo! For you have already scrolled down the menu, you would know what exactly to order to soothe your fitness needs. 

    • Do Not Bond Over the Desserts 


    Having met your friends after a long time is happiness that nothing can replace. Where the bond and the friendships matter, who cares about what you eat and drink? Isn’t it? Focus on how blessed you are to have a good life and a circle of good friends and eat what looks right to you. If you manage to eat healthy throughout; don’t give in when it is time for the desserts. Skip ordering and rather make an excuse that you are already full. Remember what they say about willpower? 

    • Talk It Out and Share a Larger Vision

    If you share everything with your friends, you could start by talking about your fitness endeavours at the round table. Tell them how you started, what motivated you, how far along the journey you have been, what keeps you going, how do you resist the cravings, and what changes you have noticed in you. 

    Seeing how positive you are about your life change, there is a fair chance that they will feel motivated too. In short, you’ll be inspiring others to change their life for good. And, that is what friends are there for, right?

    • Why Does It Have To Be A Main Course?


    Catching up with old buds does not always have to be an eating session at your favourite restaurant. Social life is much more than this! You people can plan out going to the gym together, a morning walk, and an adventurous spree in the woods, a movie outing, or a concert that you can attend together. 

    The time you spend together is important, not sitting and eating in one place. Later on, maybe you can end your day out with a light snack session in a nearby place. Wouldn’t it be perfect?

    • Tell the Regrets to Come In Sometime Later 


    Then there are times that you might give in to your desires and several    requests of your friend. You might eat carelessly and drink like there is no tomorrow. If that happens, and you hate yourself the next day; remind yourself that it is all okay. 

    You made a mistake, fine! But, instead of crying over the spilled milk, make efforts to rectify it. Rev up your metabolism, make extra efforts, mind your calories; you’ll certainly get back on track. Regrets are for the weak, so be strong and take responsibility for your doings. 

    Keeping your social life going is ever recommended. As for a psychological fact, having friends and family is the best way to boost your spirits and stay happy. But, make sure your social circle in your boat is rowing you to the shore and not drilling holes into it! Because, in the end, you can’t afford to lose on the path you have travelled so far. 

    70% of people who start fitness plan QUIT. Do not be one of them! You need to do something today that your future self will thank you later.

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