How Your Weight Loss Envy Leads You Astray?

You may have started your weight loss journey along with a friend, and it may seem the best idea you two would have indulged into. But, with time you realize that your friend is achieving the set milestones much faster than you are. The thought of lagging behind creates a stir of jealousy and you may start feeling depressed. But, why is that happening? Why do you have to compare your success with others? Instead of appreciating your friend and trying harder, why are you losing focus? Is it the way out? No, it certainly isn’t!

What Is Weight Loss Envy?

When you see others around you achieving their weight loss goals, while you are still lagging behind; a thing called “envy” creeps in and may burn you from inside. This is a quite normal and a psychologically natural thing to feel. And, many a time this envy may divert you from your path and leave you hopeless. All these emotions can be collectively referred to as weight loss envy. 

Remember, this isn’t a good practice! You never know what has gone into their journey, and what all it took to reach there? And, how can you compare yourself to someone else when you know that every individual is different from who you are? The key is not to focus on other’s success but yours, no matter how far the goal may seem to be. 

Instead of feeling that dark envy and going astray from your weight loss journey, contemplate: 

What Is That One Thing That Makes Them Different?

Are you serious about your weight loss journey? Or, you have your own cheat days? You need to ask these questions to your inner self because you need to know where you are lacking in your efforts to stay fit. And, while you are trying and failing at staying fit, maybe your friend is playing it hard and giving it all towards gaining desired results. 

Do not feel envy and start the cold war with your friend, instead ask them what do they do and what routine they follow! Maybe their journey and efforts inspire you to attain your desired results too. In short, make your life better rather than thinking how others made it so far and you didn’t. 

Understand That Every Individual Is Different

There may be times when you put all your efforts into losing weight, but you are finding it hard while others are moving ahead at a fast pace. You want good results, and you might be working hard towards it, but you don’t get them as easily as your friend. If you ever experienced this, you are likely to feel envy and put your weight loss journey at bay. 

You might be wondering why you aren’t making it happen. What is wrong with you? All these questions might piss you off, and there you go; all those efforts you put into where you are would go down the drain! This is because; you are surrounded by feelings of envy and low self-confidence. All these feelings might result in making you feel hopeless and useless. 


You can’t tell how long it would take for you to reach your destination when compared to others. Your friend and you may start together, may follow the same diet plan, and the routine; but yet they may find it easy to go about it and you don’t. You need to know that it is ok to lag, it is ok to be far behind, but it is not ok to feel envy. 


How to Channel Your Weight Loss Envy?

  • Say No To Negativity

  • No matter how envious you are feeling, but spreading negativity inside out is not the way around. Why do you need to feel jealous instead of appreciating your friend for her great results? You can’t judge somebody’s journey without stepping into their shoes. Stop the negativity and the taunts, as it will help you focus on better things, and that is you. 

  • Transform Envy Into Motivation

  • Feeling guilty about your negative feelings is not the way out. This way you’ll drown yourself into depression and your progress will become a distant dream. Try and direct your energy towards positivity. Learn from your friends’ experiences and remind yourself every day that you are worth much more. 

    1. Talk to Your Friend

    Suffocating oneself with negative feelings is not the solution! Take a step ahead, and strike a conversation with your friend. Ask them about their secrets. You’ll realize that they would be happy to help. Right from the time they get up to the time they sleep, what is that they do differently. Maybe in all those answers lies the answer to what wrong you are doing!

  • Stop Making Excuses

  • Yes, stop making excuses! If you are working hard towards getting fit, try a bit harder. If you think that your friend has enough time to go the gym and you don’t, they have the money to hire a trainer, and you don’t; these are mere excuses that you tell yourself. If you wish to make it happen, you’ll do it anyway. So stop comparing, and get going with whatever resources you have in your hands. 

  • Stop Comparing

  • This is the biggest mistake that an individual commits! You may have lost 4 pounds so far, while your friend lost 7. This difference is what leads you into comparing yourself to others. You need to realize that life is no contest where you need to compete every other second. It is your journey alone and their journey is nothing to do with yours. 

  • Keep Going And You’ll Be There

  • If you see others around you achieving their weight loss goals sooner than yours, it is time to reinvent your strategy. The key is to research online for smarter ways to lose weight. When you can achieve a fitness goal the easy way, why to go the extra mile? The key is not to feel dumb and pursue your weight loss journey in a way that promises great results sooner than your imaginations. 

  • Never Think Of Quitting

  • Most people are like, “I’ll quit losing weight, it is impossible to get there.” Or, they’ll be like, “My friend is getting slimmer, while I’m still there, so there is no point in trying.” Why is it like that? What makes you give up so easily? Yes, it always seems a viable option to let go, but you need to choose the harder way. You need to remind yourself why you started and keep tracking your progress until you make it happen. 

    Always remember, “Be stubborn enough to reach your goals, and flexible enough to modify your methods”. 

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