Food is fuel!

From most of the discussions I have with people, a lot tend to be around their relationship with food. Myself personally tend to look at it as fuel, not an emotion or a comfort but something to help me operate and feel good day to day.

What I mean by this is my job requires me to be high energy, able to concentrate and alert. If I am making poor nutritional choices, I will feel sluggish, foggy brain and slow. So, I choose to have better food choices and operate effectively.

Not only that but my workout routine can be quite intense. I don't want to be constantly hobbling around and moaning with injuries so I choose to make better food choices so that I can recover better, and therefore choose low inflammatory foods.


Now I understand that most people don't think this way. Some people even think they are missing out on things by not having ice cream, chocolate, lollies etc. I don't. I think about what can help me get an edge rather than be hindered by feeling crappy. It's a different way of think sure, but when I talk to people who are looking to get an edge over something or someone like an athlete the conversation tends to lead this way compared to a general population person who tend to discuss missing out on things that hold them back.


Point of view, your desire and goal will help you get to swing in either direction.

Remember, it's just food! there is no shortage of it and no need to eat like an arsehole never going to see food again in your lifetime.

Make food work for you, not you for it.


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