Carbs and falling asleep

I had a chat with a new client and we discussing his response with carbohydrates. He has a problem with fat distribution around his stomach and yet his limbs are quite lean. He has had a lot of trouble shifting the weight from here yet has been complying with a calorie deficit and other general weight loss principles eating regularly, lots of protein etc.

What we discovered is that he has a history of having a huge amount of processed sugars each day for years and years on end, like a lot! He may in fact be insulin resistant, in other words has trouble breaking down carbohydrate. How we found this might be the case is that he almost falls asleep within a short period of time after eating anything with carbohydrates. This is a red flag to me. 

Our plan over the next few weeks is to make some changes to his food selection and to a higher fat style diet and slowly re introduce carbohydrates.

WHAT!? Higher fat? you mean keto? that doesn't work!

Well in short burst in can be very effective in helping allowing the body to reset its sensitivity to carbohydrates to be able to break it down easier.

This is our plan for the next few weeks is to increase fats and reduce carbohydrates. Each week I will suggest to slightly increase carbohydrates pending on how he is feeling - feel good? yes - have some more, no - stay the same.

Is there a time frame? no there isn't. It is a take it as it goes situation pending on the person.

If you are having trouble, give it a try and see how you are going.

Remember that what we are doing is a this process.

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