Benefits of pre cooking and meal prepping

We have all heard the phrase meal prepping but do you actually do it?

"failure to prepare is preparing to fail"

There is no question that being prepared for something increases the likelihood of success two-fold, but we often seek the easy way out and "wing it". Now the problem with this is that we can get caught out with poor time management or unexpected situations pop up.

Time management is a huge factor when it comes to personal freedom and not being in a rush and forgetting things so what better way to keep on top of that by having a few days worth of food in the fridge ready to go for that time you sleep through your alarms and on a rush out the door.

Some other benefits of preparing is it being cost effective. What would be a standard lunch at the local cafe would be the same as 3 lunches for the week preparing it yourself. It's easy to let this get away from us and not look at where we could be saving a few $$.

You can control your portions and reduce any nasties that your body could be intolerant to so you can keep a better handle on what's happening with weight management.

For myself personally, it helps reduce time everyday by spending a few hours twice a week to cook up a few days ahead so that I can both relax and do what I need to do with my work load without having to spend an hour or so every day cooking and stressing myself out wondering what to cook.

Food services are also great if you are time poor but you are paying for the luxury of not cooking rather than it being a special way to lose weight. There are some good services out there and some not so good ones so just do some research into what you are looking for if you want to go down that route.


So time to get your eggs in the basket and prepare yourself to tackle you day or it will tackle you!


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